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Diana V. Martinez

Welcome to H.B. Zachry Elementary


Welcome back to another fantastic year! I hope you had a marvelous summer in the company of your children. I would like to applaud our teachers for last year’s tremendous delivery of instruction. Because of their tireless work and effort, we not only met all indexes but also surpassed them along with last year’s scores.

Zachry met the state standard on Student Achievement (84) up from (76), Student Progress (55) up from (40), Closing the Performance Gap (53) up from (44), and Postsecondary Readiness (54) up from (37). Congratulations on a job well done!

We will continue on the path of triumph by continuing to provide a curriculum full of rigorous and meaningful engagement. We must set the bar higher than last year and expect nothing less than excellence from ourselves and all students. Attendance and parental involvement will continue to be at the peak of our list as it drives academic success.

This year LISD is celebrating its 135th Anniversary. The motto for the year is “Unlimited Possibilities” Fidelity to the state TEKS, LEAD Curriculum, our Super Eight Expectations and the implementation of the Fundamental 5 will facilitate our motto. We will instill in our students the idea that learning has no limits in order to create a confident and successful student population.

Last year we had 100% of our population meet the AR Goal for the year. This year the AR Goal and percentages have increased for individual students and Pre-Kinder/Kinder whole class goals. I have no doubt that we will rise to the expectation.

The monitoring of lessons that include differentiation and all district expectations will continue in order to ensure quality instruction and strong assessment results. Data and documentation will also remain in place so that we can confirm that all efforts are based on student needs, weaknesses or strengths. Daily communication via e-mail, telephone, notes, and personal conferences with parents are required to safeguard academic achievement. Keep in mind that a well-informed parent is a happy parent.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs will be encouraged and promoted to produce well-rounded students. Some of the clubs that will be available for our students will be Bully Stoppers Club, Library Club, UIL, Chess Club, The Technology Club, Coding Club, Honor Society, Cheerleading, Basketball, Flag Football, Track, Volleyball, Cross Country, Girl’s Scouts and Boy Scouts.

As the Principal of Zachry Elementary School, I pledge to provide teachers with materials, staff development and any other request that is within my reach to ensure that our students have every opportunity to accomplish our state, district, and school goals. Remember at LISD every student is afforded …


Unlimited Possibilities!

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